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Construction Industry Goes Robotic

Printed houses, driverless dozers, and eyes in the skies describe the coming construction sites

May 04, 2016

Image: WinSun



Instead of workers in neon orange vests and hard hats, you may see drones buzzing overhead, robotic bulldozers and 3D printers churning out new structures.

Skycatch, based in San Fransico, produces software that allows data from aerial drones to collaborate with the contractor's CAD and BIM programs. The drone data can also provide the 'eyes' for autonomous construction equipment.

Paired with 3D printing that allows Chinese company WinSun to print 10 fullsize houses in one day, you have a whole new worksite.

Skycatch's chief executive Christian Sanz thinks such combinations of technology could kickstart a robotic building site. "The more visible data that you have on a site, the more you'll see machines and robots moving things around rather than humans."

Read more about how robots are changing construction jobsites in Jane Wakefield's BBC story here:

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