Construction Equipment Fleets Show Growth in 2015

By Rod Sutton, Editorial Director | June 18, 2015
Construction Equipment Fleets Show Growth in 2015

Equipment managers report more aggressive fleet expansion and replacement midway through 2015 than they forecast at the beginning of the year. In Construction Equipment's 2015 Annual Report & Forecast published in January, fleet professionals expected to replace fleet at a 9 percent rate. Mid-year, the fleet-replacement rate, which measures the influx of new equipment to replace older units, is 15 percent.

(TOP) Fleet size is increasing this year for four out of 10 respondents, and fewer than one in 10 are decreasing fleet size.

Greater fleet expansion is also evident in mid-year figures that show 41 percent of respondents increasing fleet size. The net (percent increasing minus decreasing) is 33, sustantially higher than the 20 net anticipated in January.

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