Construction Employment Rises in 45 States

August 23, 2018
Worker's hand holding a hard hat.

Construction employment has risen in 45 states, the most widespread gain the field has seen since 2016.

According to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America of Department of Labor data, 45 states added construction jobs between July 2017 and July 2018, and 29 states added jobs between June and July. Texas, California, Florida, and Georgia were among some of the top ranking states for added construction jobs in 2018. Texas added the most (57,600 jobs, 8.1 percent) and additionally had the largest one-month job gain (10,500 jobs, 1.4 percent) among the 29 states adding jobs between June and July. Florida followed steadily behind (4,500 jobs, 1.4 percent).

Seeing a continued increase into the future, however, may depend on the industry’s ability to adequately train and prepare students for the industry, says AGC. Although employment has increased in most states, job openings also continue to rise, indicating an inability to retain skilled workers.

From June to July, construction employment also declined in 17 states including California (-1,700, -0.2 percent) and Pennsylvania (-1,600 jobs, -0.6 percent). Employment was unchanged in Alaska, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont.

Source: AGC