Construction Crews Preparing For Massive Raiders Stadium Project

March 30, 2017

Now that the NFL has given its official approval for the Raiders to make Las Vegas their new home, the city's construction industry is readying to make sure there are enough skilled workers to build  the massive 65,000 seat football stadium

Tommy White of Laborer Union Local 872 and member of the stadium authority said, "We haven't had a project as big as this since the Las Vegas City Center. You're looking at three to four thousand workers out there working on the stadium at one time. With subcontractors, you could have up to six thousand workers."

Unions in the area are getting calls from interested workers who left Las Vegas during the construction downturn and are considering moving back to the city for the stadium work. "They want to be part of this project," White said.

Construction workers already in the area, such as Derek Thomas, say the stadium build will be a great opportunity for themselves and their families.

In an effort to ensure there are enough skilled workers, union leaders said there will be an apprentice program as part of the project. Laborers Local 872 is setting up a website for interested workers. The site is not yet complete, but it does include the local's phone number and email.

The Raiders hope to occupy their new home by the 2020 football season. Exhibition games would be in August, followed by the first regular-season game in September.

"I'm looking to put a shovel in the ground later this year. Then maybe I can sit back and watch a game," White said.



It will take thousands of workers to build the massive 65,000 seat football stadium where the Raiders will play in their new home of Las Vegas.

The empty lot at I-15 and Russell Road is the likely spot for the stadium just waiting to be built right across the way from the Las Vegas Strip. Leaders with one labor union  are doing everything they can to be ready for the monumental work ahead of them.