Construction Co. Owner Steals John Deere Excavator from Subcontractor

July 13, 2015

Police identified the owner of Civil Construction LLC in Great Falls, Va., as the prime suspect in a case involving the theft of an excavator, reports WJLA.

The owner of Aves Construction called local police to report that its John Deere excavator, valued at $105,000, was stolen.

The excavator was spotted in the yard of a nearby home and a resident reported seeing an unidentified man moving the machine and seeing it towed away by a semi-truck minutes later, reports WJLA.

Siavesh Salehi, 62, owner of Civil Construction admitted to stealing the excavator and told Montgomery County Police:

"Yes, I took the stupid machine... I will take everything from him! I'll take his house and everything he owns. He cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, so, yes I took the machine.”

According to WJLA, Salehi is charged with one count of Theft $100,000 Plus.