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Congressman Suggests Raising Corporate Taxes To Pay for Infrastructure

Raising the corporate rate 2 percent would provide $200 billion in funding for infrastructure and create 10 million jobs -  Rep. John Delaney

January 09, 2018

On Monday's CNBC Power Lunch, Representative John Delaney of Maryland presented his idea to create a "transformative infrastructure plan" that would fund the $200 billion infrastructure investment the Trump administration has talked about while still keeping corporate America happy.

Delaney has twice introduced the Partnership to Build America Act in Congress, a bipartisan effort to create the American Infrastructure Fund that would create large-scale infrastructure financing capability with zero federal appropriations.

Raising the just passed lower corporate tax of 21 percent to 23 percent would still be "way ahead of where the business community wanted it," Delaney said. Could it work? Watch Delaney's Power Lunch interview here:

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