Congressional Letter Shows Bipartisan Support For Highway & Transit Bill

February 26, 2015

Top construction association official urges congressional leadership to push for swift passage of new surface transportation bill given the widespread bipartisan support for the measure.

CEO Stephen E. Sandherr of the Associated General Contractors of America, released a statement in response to the broad, bipartisan support for a fully-funded, long-term surface transportation expressed by 285 members of Congress (130 Republicans and 155 Democrats) in a letter authored by Congressmen Reid Ribble, Tom Reed, Daniel Lipinski and Bill Pascrell, Jr.:

“At a time when Congress can’t seem to agree on much, the fact so many members of Congress back passage of a highway and transit bill shows how important this measure is for Democrats and Republicans alike.  While getting the details, particularly the finances, of any such legislation right will not be easy, the fact is there is a broad consensus within the Congress that this measure most be a top priority.  Over the coming weeks we will work aggressively to urge the Congressional leadership to push for swift action, and passage of a new, fully-funded, long-term surface transportation bill.”