Concrete Floor's Flatness Can't Vary More Than A Mustache Hair

February 6, 2017

Moving tons of cast iron cookware across a building that is the size of four football fields, then placing the products on the upper shelves of the four-story warehouse, is a good day's challenge. Using wire-guided forklifts for the job means the facility's 212,000 square foot concrete floor must be - no excuses - flat with a variance of less than .0015 of an inch (0.0381 mm).

A single hair from a man's mustache measures about 0.3 mm.

Wire guidance technology is an electromechanical system that controls a vehicle's steering by tracking an energized guidewire that is buried in the floor about one-half inch deep in each storage aisle. When activated, the system connects with sensors on the lift truck to control steering and braking. These systems free operators from steering responsibilities in very narrow aisles.

The 120-year old Lodge Manufacturing Company, located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee produces cast iron cookware and has been experiencing significant growth, prompting expansion into a new distribution facility.

How is Morgan Construction Company doing this? Read more on the story from the Chattanooga Times Free Press here: