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The company has released two skid steer loader tires: The Camso SKS 753 provides versatility and durability on mixed and hard surfaces, while the Camso SKS 532 delivers traction on soft soil surfaces.

According to Camso, its OTT HXD tracks improve a skid steer loader’s flotation by five times over the same machine running on its usual pneumatic tires.

Camso has released two telehandler tires, the TLH 732 and the TLH 753.

Camoplast Solideal has released three Premium Solideal SKS tires: the Solideal SKS 732, a pneumatic skid steer tire for long life and traction in soft soils and off-road service; the Solideal SKS 775, a severe-duty pneumatic tire for mixed and hard surfaces such as packed gravel and paved yards; and the Solideal SKS 793S, a flat-proof solid rubber tire for use on mixed and hard surfaces.

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