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Allied-Gator, Inc.

Allied-Gator, Inc. manufactures the world’s most innovative hydraulic attachments for the demolition and scrap processing/recycling industries. Products include the patented MT® Series Multi-Tool™ in sizes from 800-52,000 lbs. featuring patented Quick-Change™ Shear, Cracker/Crusher and Densifier™ Jaw Sets for structural steel demolition, reinforced concrete reduction, rail processing, material handling and densifying, the patented MT Series Mag Extension™ and the patented Allied-Gator Claw Bucket™. Visit for tool specifications, pictures and videos.

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2100 Poland Ave.
Youngstown, OH 44502
Toll-free: 800-624-2867
Phone: 330-744-0808
Fax: 330-744-3218



Stealth Tip, available exclusively for the MT mobile shear, is designed to provide increased piercing performance while continuing to lower the operational and maintenance costs associated with mobile shearing, the company says.

Allied-Gator Serrated Gator Blades for the MT mobile shear are an option available to any current Allied-Gator MT customer regardless of tool size, without product modifications.

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