Compact Dump Trucks — Big Opportunities

Staff | September 28, 2010

50-Acre Site Prep Project In New Jersey

Sunrise Unlimited, a full-service landscape and construction company in Mays Landing, NJ, recently purchased the unique Hydrema 912C articulated dump to handle their specific landscaping and construction needs at residential developments.

Sunrise is currently working on a 50-plus-acre residential project, which will consist of 88 homes when completed. To date, Sunrise has cleared the 50-plus-acre site, stripped and stockpiled thousands of yards of topsoil, and completed all sewer and storm pipe work that consisted of over 10,000 linear yards of pipe. They have also completed a 3-acre infiltration system and detention basin, which will help with drainage throughout the development.

Sunrise is now focused on the project's next phase, which is backfilling around the housing unit foundations and starting the initial landscaping by spreading topsoil around the completed homes. In the past, Sunrise had to use a skid steer, articulated loader and two tandem dump trucks — in addition to extra labor — to complete these projects. Since purchasing the Hydrema 912C, much of this has been eliminated.

"The 912C is perfect for my specific construction and landscaping projects," states Mike Aspinwall, president of Sunrise Unlimited. "The housing units in this development are very close together. This project requires a piece of equipment that can fit between these houses and that has very low ground pressure. Low ground pressure is important because it reduces the chance of cracking curbing and leaving marks on finished concrete driveways."

The truck has also eliminated a lot of physical labor. Sunrise is using the 90-degree dump body to cover pipe trenches throughout the job. "We can fill the dump with stone, sand or dirt, turn the dump body about 90 degrees, walk it along the trench, and cover up our pipe," continues Aspinwall. "The 90-degree dump body and narrow frame make it very versatile."

In early 2007, Aspinwall was developing a 10-year business strategy plan for Sunrise and needed to rearrange his company from labor to equipment to meet the needs of the construction and landscaping markets. "I looked at my equipment costs, equipment lifespan and how I could use the equipment for both landscaping and construction applications down the road. I needed a fast, light and versatile piece of equipment that could handle light construction and landscaping projects, and at the same time be operator friendly."

After researching light articulated dump trucks, Aspinwall met with his local Hydrema dealer, JESCO, to discuss the 912C dump tuck. "I was looking at another brand and the Hydrema 912C. The 90-degree swivel dump sold me." Aspinwall made his decision and called JESCO.

Sunrise now has two teams, a heavy team, which consists of heavy equipment such as excavators, dozers and articulated dumps for their large dirt work projects, and a light team, which consists of the 912C, lighter excavators and dozers for their light construction and landscaping needs. "This dump truck fits perfectly into my line of work. It's easy to operate, comfortable and can handle landscaping and small construction applications."

Minimizing The Environmental Impact In New York

Building Corp II, a general contracting company specializing in the development of human services/special needs facilities, is successfully using a Hydrema 912C articulated dump truck to handle their on-site construction needs at the Center for Discovery project.

Located in the mountains of Monticello, NY, the Center for Discovery — a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs of children and adults with significant disabilities and medical frailties — is developing a unique 10-acre campus for their students and residents. The campus consists of 12 buildings, which include nine residential and three educational structures to be situated on a wooded lot.

For the project, Center for Discovery required that the campus be built on a wooded lot with gravel walkways and limited use of asphalt and cement materials to maintain the natural beauty of the property. When the buildings are complete, the surrounding natural materials will be used to landscape around the buildings in lieu of more traditional landscaping, thus giving the campus a natural, undisturbed look.

One goal for this project was to minimize the environmental impact on the property while giving the students a wooded wilderness environment in which to study and live. Because of this environmental goal, Building Corp II was not allowed to clear-cut the 10-acre site. They could merely cut small paths in and around the site and create one main road for transport, making accessibility to and from the job site a challenge.

With this in mind, Building Corp II called Pine Bush Equipment to rent the Hydrema 912C dump tuck. "Pine Bush Equipment informed us about the Hydrema 912C before bidding on this project. We knew the project would require smaller pieces of equipment that were able to maneuver through the job site," says Dan Wittenberg, project manager of Building Corp II. "This area of New York is difficult to move large equipment through since most roads can only handle a certain amount of weight. We knew we would be able to have the 912C delivered to the site and start working immediately without any complications. This made it an integral part of our equipment inventory for the project."

Building Corp II moved many trees and stumps with the truck early in the project. "All of the wood from the site has been recycled, while the stumps have been processed into mulch to be sold to landscapers and other contractors. The trees removed were subsequently shipped to Canada for lumber," continues Wittenberg. "The 912C easily maneuvered into and out of the site using the access paths and road despite the uneven terrain."

Once the trees and stumps were successfully removed, Building Corp II disposed of 3,000 yards of unsuitable soil by moving it to an off-site location. Approximately 1,500 yards of rock and clay were then transported to a staging area for later use as the base material for the 125-space parking lot to be built in the final stage of the project.

Building Corp II also had to handle 12-foot-high by 12-foot-long boulders. To remove this rock, they rented a Stanley hammer from Pine Bush Equipment to break thousands of tons of rock. The rock was moved to the back of the job site for future use. "We moved all of the rock on the job site with the 912C and were extremely impressed with its power and speed. It has all the power of a larger articulated dump truck in a smaller, more convenient package. Our operators push it to the max on a daily basis and have yet to slow it down," continues Wittenberg.

Another phase of the project called for excavation of the 12-foot-deep building foundations, which were to be lined with stone and prepped prior to the concrete being poured. Building Corp II left a small dirt ramp at each foundation, allowing the truck to drive into the foundation to dump stone in lieu of an additional machine and operator doing the work. This process saved valuable time, fuel and money. "The unique size (of the truck) is perfect for tight job sites. It was able to get in and out of the foundations quickly, while easily fitting between the already constructed buildings," says Wittenberg.

Throughout each phase of construction, staging the material for future use was critical. "With limited space, the staging of material was a day-to-day project. We had rock piles, dirt piles, stone piles, jobsite debris, etc. The Hydrema's speed, power, size, and quick unloading times helped us move these materials fast," continues Wittenberg. "We actually had a schedule for the 912C. Every day it accomplished a variety of tasks."

Building Corp II plans to complete the project in November 2008.