CNN Looks Deep into Our Failing Infrastructure

May 31, 2016



CNN has posted a timely four-part article with videos that details how our transportation and energy networks are failing - and can no longer be ignored.

Part 1: Bridges supported by crumbling 90-year-old beams

      Gas taxes can't fix design problems. Maybe bendable concrete?

Part 2: The busiest rails shut down by failing power cables      

      Short term thinking leads to long term trouble

Part 3: Funding delays ground flights and cancel commercial ambition

      For many frequent fliers, it's hard to tell where one hold-up ends and the next backlog begins

Part 4: Damaged pipelines and a "ticking time bomb"

      Of the 42 requirements Congress mandated for pipeline safety in 2011, only 26 have been completed by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety

Take a few minutes and view CNN's discussion on our nation's infrastructure.