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CNH Industrial’s TechPro2 Training Program Arrives in China

November 18, 2014

CNH Industrial, in cooperation with Zhejiang Yizhong Education Consulting Ltd., and with the support of its brand Iveco, launches a training program dedicated to industrial vehicles. The TechPro2 program will offer young students in China’s Zhejiang Province with an opportunity for professional growth and the development of technical skills.

This follows the signing of a sponsorship agreement between the company and Yizhong Education. This is the first edition of the TechPro2 training program to be introduced in China and is part of a nationwide initiative by CNH Industrial that will subsequently see the initiation of similarly-structured programs throughout China.

The official opening ceremony was attended by officials from the Bureau of Education of Zhejiang Province, from the Office of Education of Quzhou City and the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Changshan

County as well as other local authorities. Luca Biagini, Head of CNH Industrial China, Howard Lu, Director of CNH Industrial Human Resources China, and Daniela Ropolo, CNH Industrial EMEA and APAC Sustainability, were present on behalf of CNH Industrial.

Company representatives introduced the purpose and target of the TechPro2 program in China, confirming CNH Industrial’s intent to extend its cooperation to other Chinese schools. Based on the past successes that the TechPro2 program has had in other countries, the goal of this initiative in China is to lay foundations for countrywide skills specialization in the automotive sector, with a specific professional development program for the industrial vehicles sector in China.

The TechPro2 program at the Changshan Vocational Secondary School will train 101 students and 13 teachers over the course of three years. The training sessions will be held on the school’s new campus located on the northern bank of Changshan Harbor. This new campus is the result of a total investment of more than 56 million Yuan and extends over a total area of about 93,000 square meters, with a total built area of about 51,000 square meters.

Corporate Communicationshe TechPro2 program is the latest in a string of many educational initiatives introduced by CNH Industrial in China. Two of its recent programs involve its agricultural equipment business. The first is an educational cooperation project with Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational.