CNH Announces Preliminary Results of Special Voting Shares Elections

August 14, 2013

CNH Global N.V. announced the preliminary results of the initial elections made by CNH shareholders to receive one additional special voting share of CNH Industrial for each common share of CNH Industrial they will receive upon completion of the merger of CNH with and into FI CBM Holdings N.V., to be renamed CNH Industrial N.V.

To be eligible to make the initial election to receive special voting shares, CNH shareholders were required to participate in the CNH extraordinary general meeting of shareholders held on July 23, 2013, including by proxy, and submit a duly completed election form to Computershare Trust Co., N.A., the agent for the special voting share election, by 5:00 PM EST on Aug. 13, 2013. Based on a preliminary count by Computershare Trust, a total of 423 forms, representing 6,056,289.691 shares, were received by the deadline.

The number of elections to receive special voting shares and the number of special voting shares to be issued upon effectiveness of the merger are preliminary. In order to receive the special voting shares, the electing CNH shareholders must continue to hold their shares through the effective time of the merger described above.

The actual number of CNH shareholders who will receive special voting shares in CNH Industrial and the number of special voting shares in CNH Industrial to be issued to CNH shareholders will be announced promptly following completion of the merger.