CLP and CDL License Change Proposals

June 9, 2017

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is submitting two proposals to be published June 12 in the Federal Register that are intended to help put more truck drivers on the road.

The first proposal put forth for comment is The Commercial Learner's Permit Validity rule change. If accepted, states will be able to issue a CDL learner's permit (CLP) with a longer expiration date. Currently, CLP's permits expire in six months. The amended rule would expend the permit to one year.

Applicants who do not obtain a CDL within one year of the first issued CLP would have to reapply.

The agency said the additional flexibility would eliminate costly paperwork requirements by the states and end unnecessary re-testing and additional fees incurred by individuals who seek an additional 180-day renewal of their CDL learner’s permit.

The second proposal, Military Licensing and State Commercial Driver’s License Reciprocity rule, would allow state driver licensing agencies to waive the CDL knowledge test for qualified veterans and active duty personnel seeking to obtain a civilian CDL. Since 2012, veterans have been allowed to forgo the CDL skill test requirement.

Under the new rule, military personnel would be required to prove they were regularly employed in a military position requiring operation of a commercial military vehicle (MCV) during the one-year period immediately prior to applying for a civilian CDL and have no military traffic convictions.

Comments will be taken for 60 days. Below are links to the proposals:

The Commercial Learner's Permit Validity

Military Licensing and State Commercial Driver’s License Reciprocity