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Christie: I have no idea when N.J. road construction shutdown will end

Next week's Democratic National Convention will likely add more time to the shutdown

July 21, 2016

While at the Republican National Convention, New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie told reporters he had rejected state Senator Sweeney's proposals to re-up the Transportation Trust Fund and break the stalemate that has shuttered road and transit project in New Jersey.

"It's ridiculous, and I rejected it," the governor said. "What he proposed to me the other day was unacceptable."

Sweeney's proposals included rasing the gas tax 23 cents per gallon, eliminating estate taxes, raising the retirement income tax exclusion, increasing a tax credit for the working poor, and creating a tax deduction for charitable donations. Christie prefers a plan to raise the gas tax and cut the state's sales tax to 6 percent.

The trust fund expired at the end of June and has only enough money to continue operating until early August. Experts have warned the weeklong shutdown will cost more than $40 million and put thousands of construction workers temporarily out of work.

The construction shut down continues with no foreseeable end date. Next week's Democratic convention will likely add another week to the stalemate.

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