China's Tallest Building Opens to Public

April 28, 2016



China's newest 127-story, $2.8 billion super-skyscraper is complete, taking 8 years to build. It is second to only the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai and will have its own highrise cloud computing data center.

The Shanghai Tower in downtown Shanghai highlights:

  • Accommodates 20,000 people
  • Has 73 floors of office space
  • Features the world's fastest elevators that travel at 60 feet per second. Reaching the observation deck on the 119st floor will take less than a minute.
  • China's highest restaurant on the 120th floor
  • China's highest hotel lobby at the 101st floor
  • Fourteen floors of hotel space
  • Another fourteen floors for hotel business and boutique offices
  • A museum and art gallery
  • A sky-high swimming pool on the 84th floor
  • A five story conference center and shopping mall
  • Uses more than 20,000 pieces of glass to cover 2,365,000 square feet of the building's exterior

Look at the layout and read about the tower's energy automation system here: