The Chicago Spire's New Design

Staff | September 28, 2010

Chicago— Shelbourne Development Group Inc. has officially filed for final design approval with the city of Chicago to build "The Chicago Spire," a landmark, 2,000-foot-tall spiraling tower at the mouth of the Chicago River along Lake Michigan. The new plan includes several improvements to the original design that will enhance the building's integration with the riverfront and minimize traffic flow through the neighborhood.

"We have taken what was a highly innovative design and turned it into something even more desirable," said Garrett Kelleher, executive chairman of Shelbourne Development Ltd. & the Shelbourne Development Group Inc.

Famed architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava, who is both the lead architect and engineer for the project, echoed Kelleher's enthusiasm. "The sculptural idea of an extremely slender building that twists as it rises has been retained," he says. "But, I believe the design is more mature than it was initially, and the relationship between the building and the city is better, which is something I could accomplish only with Mr. Kelleher's partnership."

Project plans call for a property encompassing 3 million square feet and soaring 2,000 feet above the ground. However, unlike the initial concept, The Chicago Spire will not include a broadcast antenna, nor will it include a hotel or retail space. The number of floors has increased from 124 to 160, and the number of exclusive residences now totals 1,300. The tower's lobby will feature 56-foot-tall ceilings and glass walls allowing for an unobstructed view through the base on all sides.

To maximize the property's riverfront access, The Chicago Spire will be situated along the Ogden Slip at the northern end of the property. The new plan calls for an underground five-floor garage, which will sit under the building's riverside plaza.