Chicago Railroad Makeover Starts Next Spring

July 12, 2018
Chicago Regional Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program has secured $474 million

It takes about 30 hours for a freight train to make it through Chicago. Next March will bring a fix.

Chicago's rail transportation system is massive, impressive, unmatched anywhere else in the country, and suffering from a tangled spaghetti bowl of rail lines that require (video) eight rail lines to mingle, merging five lines into just two lines. Called the Forest Hill Junction on the 75th Street Corridor, it slows the delivery of many of the 22,000 shipping containers that flow through the city every day.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Chicago Regional Environmental and Transportation Efficiency (CREATE video here) Program said Wednesday it has secured $474 million - about half of the funding - to begin the construction phase of the Forest Hill flyover, a new north-south flyover structure that will eliminate conflicts between north-south and east-west train movements at the Forest Hill Junction.

CREATE says its plan for an eventual $4.4 billion worth of rail infrastructure projects will bring 44,000 new jobs.

Read the Sun-Times Next Phase To Detangle Massive Railroad Bottleneck Starts Next Spring here.