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New compact hydraulic power packs from Chicago Pneumatic are built with foldable handles and large wheels to power up tools in the most confined or remote work spaces.

February 01, 2009

Chicago Pneumatic PAC compact hydraulic power packFor the powering of hydraulic tools required for construction, demolition and maintenance projects in confined or remote spaces, Chicago Pneumatic’s new compact hydraulic power packs are built with foldable handles and large wheels. Regardless, the largest model in the PAC product family measures only 27.6 inches wide, 28.3 inches long and 29.3 inches tall. Available are both gas- and diesel-powered units, ranging 143 to 256 pounds in service weight. For connection to a variety of hand-held hydraulic tools including breakers and core drills, the power packs come standard with a 23-foot hydraulic twin hose fitted with flat-face, quick-release couplings.

Chicago Pneumatic CPG 25 and CPG 45 generators are available in skid-mount and trailer-mount configurations and are lighter weight than the previous versions.

Chicago Pneumatic MV 58A vibratory plate compactor is for use on thin asphalt layers, small repairs, and road maintenance work.

The MV 58A forward asphalt plate compactor is designed for compaction of thin asphalt layers, small repairs, and road maintenance work.

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