Check Construction Vibration Impact Zone With Your Phone

September 28, 2017
ZoneCheck digital tool pre-estimates effects of vibration-generating work

The Travelers insurance company has introduced a new digital tool that can help contractors identify areas around a construction site that may be negatively affected by the ground vibrations caused by heavy equipment. When used as a preconstruction tool, the Traveler's ZoneCheck application will help monitor vibrations and manage the risk of damage.

Contractors can have ZoneCheck automatically find their location through geolocation settings or by inputting the address on the website from a mobile device or computer.

Next, after entering information including equipment and soil types, ZoneCheck generates an aerial image of the site depicting the areas within which vibrations may be affect buildings, foundations, and people.

“The potential for vibration damage is always an important concern during active construction, but until now there hasn’t been an easy way for contractors to assess that risk,” said Bob Kreuzer, vice president, Risk Control, Construction, Travelers. “ZoneCheck takes a number of variables into account to calculate the risk in a matter of seconds, enabling customers to conduct accurate surveys on the spot without consulting various other resources.”

ZoneCheck can be used to generate reports for use in project documentation, safety training, and future planning. The Travelers website provides more information.