Caterpillar & Seeing Machines Sign Global Agreement

September 14, 2015
Caterpillar & Seeing Machines Sign Global Agreement

Seeing Machines Ltd., an operator monitoring and intervention sensing technologies and services firm, signed a global product development, licensing and distribution agreement with Caterpillar.

Under the agreement, Caterpillar will take over responsibility for manufacturing, marketing and sales of Seeing Machines' existing Driver Safety System (DSS) rugged off-road product.

In addition, Seeing Machines and Caterpillar will work together to develop new products. Caterpillar will market DSS and Seeing Machines Fleet products for in-cab operator fatigue and distraction monitoring solutions.

Caterpillar will pay Seeing Machines $17.5 million over four years as well as royalty fees for DSS hardware, software licensing, monitoring and analytics services. Caterpillar will also purchase existing inventory of DSS units from Seeing Machines.

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