Caterpillar Responds to Demand with Upgraded Haul Trucks

By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010

Caterpillar 777F haul truck with Power Edge logo
The 777F sports Cat's new Power Edge logo. Caterpillar added 100-percent more glass to the cab for better visibility and redesigned the stairway to make it easier for operators to come and go.

The demand for Caterpillar off-highway trucks has been on the rise since 2003, says the company. With F-Series trucks, Caterpillar Global Mining enhances its offering accordingly.

Fuel prices are on the rise again, and Cat claims its ACERT engines provide increased fuel efficiency, as well as emissions compliance. The C27 powers both the 773F and 775F. On the 773F, the engine meets Tier 3 requirements and is rated at 703 horsepower (net). At 740 horsepower (net) on the 775F, the C27 meets Tier 2 regulations. The C32 engine, rated at 938 (net), powers the 777F and is Tier 2 compliant.

ACERT engines extend service intervals for each truck to 500 hours — twice that of previous truck models, says Caterpillar.

For easier cleaning and servicing, F Series trucks feature a modular radiator design that provides more space than previous models. The new design features a single-pass flow system, which is said to cool more efficiently than the dual-pass system previously offered.

Caterpillar has also improved the transmission and brakes. Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) grants these rugged machines smoother speed and directional shifts. ECPC individually adjusts each clutch in the 7-speed transmission and extends the life of drive-train components, says the company. Caterpillar chose all-hydraulic brakes, versus air-over-hydraulic, for its F-Series trucks, citing improvements to reliability, response, control, serviceability and modulation.

Moving into the cab, operators will notice more glass. Caterpillar says the trucks have 100-percent more glass area for improved visibility. For operator comfort, the seat is now located in the center of the cab (with the trainer seat to the left). The new position provides more space for the operator.

F-Series 773 and 775 Off-Highway Trucks replace the E-Series versions. The 777F replaces the 777D.

Specifications: Cat F-Series Trucks
773F 775F 777F
*Standard body, heaped SAE 2:1
Payload class 60 tons 70 tons 100 tons
Body capacity* 46.5 cu. yd. 55.3 cu. yd. 78.5 cu. yd.
Gross machine weight 222,000 lb. 242,000 lb. 360,000 lb.
Engine model Cat C27 ACERT Cat C27 ACERT Cat C32 ACERT
Net engine power 703 hp 740 hp 938 hp
Gross engine power 740 hp 787 hp 1,016 hp