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Caterpillar Introduces Technology Suite for M Series Motor Graders

November 25, 2015
Caterpillar Introduces Technology Suite for M Series Motor Graders

Caterpillar introduced a suite of integrated technologies for M Series, M Series 2 and M Series 3 Motor Graders. The four technologies include: Cat GRADE with Cross Slope, Stable Grade, Auto Articulation and Advanced Control Joysticks.


Cat GRADE with Cross Slope:

Cat GRADE with Cross Slope is an optional factory-integrated system that requires no infrastructure, base station, design files or data radios. The 2D system automatically adjusts the slope of the blade based on the operator’s input, delivering a uniform elevation change across the cutting edge. When 3D control is required, the system can be upgraded to AccuGrade.


Stable Grade:

Stable Grade is an optional patented technology that detects and reduces machine bounce to improve grading precision. The system automatically decreases engine speed at 15 percent intervals whenever machine bounce is detected. As the grader stabilizes, engine rpm increases systematically until a pre-set level is reached. Settings can be adjusted to match site conditions or operator preferences.


Auto Articulation:  Auto Articulation, another patented technology, allows the motor grader operator to articulate automatically while steering, greatly reducing fatigue. The result is improved productivity and maneuverability, particularly when working in tight spaces or around curves, obstacles and turnarounds. All M Series and M Series 3 motor graders come from the factory with Auto Articulation hardware installed and a 500-hour software trial.


Advanced Control Joysticks: 

Advanced Control Joysticks allow operators to steer, shift, articulate, adjust the blade, use Cat GRADE with Cross Slope, operate a snow wing and control auxiliary hydraulics—without taking their hands off the joysticks. Easy to learn and use, these optional controls enhance safety, reduce fatigue and improve operator productivity. 

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