Caterpillar Forms New Division and Dealer

September 28, 2010

Big side-boom crawlers will likely be a staple item in the selection of machines from new Caterpillar dealer, PipeLine Machinery International.

Among the latest news from Caterpillar is the formation of a new operating division, Caterpillar Global Pipeline, which will focus on the worldwide pipeline-construction industry. A new Caterpillar dealership also has been formed, says Cat, "to further leverage opportunities in mainline, large-diameter, interstate and cross-country, limited-duration pipeline construction projects."

The new dealer, PipeLine Machinery International (PMI), will be responsible for maintaining customer relationships, merchandising purpose-built Cat pipeline products and "providing solution packaging to customers in the industry."

Where a pipeline project occurs, PMI will work with local-territory dealers, and dealers will benefit from related parts, service, delivery and rental services. Both the new division and the new dealer will be headquartered in Houston, Texas, with strategic locations around the world.

Important to note is that Caterpillar has no ownership in PMI. The new dealer is comprised of the existing pipeline divisions within several Cat dealers, which were selected by Caterpillar to form a limited partnership.