Caterpillar Compact Wheel Loader Stands A Little Taller

By Mike Anderson, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

For compact equipment operators, a few inches can make the difference in machine selection. With a cab height of 8 feet 1 inch, for instance, the 70-horsepower Caterpillar 906H compact wheel loader puts a standard 1.2-cubic-yard loading tool into places where even slightly larger carriers dare not trek. By comparison, the 79-horsepower 908H, with a standard 1.4-cubic-yard bucket, stands tall with 7 additional inches of cab height.

Along comes the 907H to, says Caterpillar, meet the needs of equipment users whose needs fall somewhere in between. "It's a bit of a hybrid," says Todd Lynnes, Caterpillar customer product solutions manager for all compact loaders. "Essentially, if you look at the design of that machine, it's got the front end of a 906 frame and the rear of a 908 frame, with the same horsepower as a 906. It gives us a little bit higher cab."

The profile of the 906, allowing the machine to fit in containers and the back of trucks, "was a key design element for that size of wheel loader," says Lynnes. "But what we found is there are also applications where operators don't have that specific requirement and would like to sit up a little higher and have better visibility to the forks and other attachments. Well, the cab height on the 907 is 5 inches taller."

Benefits to the 907H over the 906H include a larger fuel tank, at a capacity of 20.6 gallons compared to 13.7. "Guys who once again don't have that height limitation are going to have extended work periods," says Lynnes. The 3-percent gains in operating weight and bucket capacity translate into an 8-percent gain in tipping load, he says.

The 907H, which was previously available in Europe, offers many of the features and options as the 906H and 908H. Standard features include parallel-lift Z-bar loader linkage, two-speed hydrostatic drive, differential locks in both axles, and a hydraulically-actuated skid-steer-loader-type coupler than allows the use of many of the hydro-mechanical work tools that customers currently own for skid steer, multi-terrain and compact track loadersTrenchers and stump grinders are among those attachments.

An optional high-flow system, providing 33 gallons per minute of flow, handles more demanding tools such as cold planers and snow blowers. Other options include ride control to cushion boom-cylinder movement during load-and-carry applications, a wiring harness that permits fourth-function control, a machine creeper feature to allow consistent ground speed during full-out tool use, and a high-speed road gear for travel up to 22 miles per hour. 


Basic Specs: Caterpillar 907H
Operating Weight 12,809 lb.
Bucket Capacity* 1.3 cu. yds.
Cab Height 8' 6"
Wheelbase 85"
Engine Model Cat C3.4
Net Power 70 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 20.6 gal.
* When equipped with general-purpose bucket