Caterpillar August Y2Y Retail Sales Up 11%

September 21, 2017
Caterpillar Energy and Transportation segment saw a 3 percent drop

Caterpillar released its retail sales statistics today for the three months ending in August 2017, showing total global sales up 11 percent over this time last year supported by a surge in the Asia/Pacific market to 44 percent over August 2016. North American sales in August were up 1 percent

By market segment, Resource Industries were up 5 percent globally, lead by a 53 percent jump in the Eastern Asia Middle East (EAME) market. North American sales were up 5 percent.

In Construction Industries, total global sales were up 12 percent, again showing a strong 61 percent  increase in Asia/Pacific market. North America was up 3 percent.

The Energy and Transportation segment saw a total 3 percent drop, however the industrial market was upf 25 percent.  Power was down 5 percent, transportation down 2 percent, oil & gas were down 11 percent.