By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010

Mobile ShearsS365B and S385B Mobile Shears have jaw openings of 33.3 inches and 34.6 inches, respectively. The S365B shear can be boom-mounted on the Cat 330C L excavator (77,400 pounds), and stick mounted on the Cat 365C L excavator (151,900 pounds). The larger S385B shear is ideal for boom mounting on the 345C L excavator (101,900 pounds), and it can be stick mounted on the 385C L excavator. Each has a hardened, welded-on piercing tip on the upper jaw, and bolt-on knife segments run the entire length of the lower jaw. Cat says the straight-line knife position in the lower jaw increases effective shear force, and the rhomboid shape of the knives in the upper jaw boosts wire cutting performance. Jaw cycle times are less than 8 seconds.

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