September 28, 2010

Caterpillar 24M Motor Grader, Multi-Axis JoysticksIncorporating the innovative control system of the M-Series family, the largest Caterpillar motor grader, the 24M, has a pair of multi-axis joysticks as replacements for the steering wheel and nine control levers used in the predecessor 24H. The intuitive joystick controls, with an electro-hydraulic load-sensing system, reduce hand and arm movement by nearly 80 percent, says Caterpillar. Powered by an 18.1-liter Cat C18 ACERT engine generating 533 net horsepower and 1,762 foot-pounds of maximum torque, the 24M motor grader weighs 137,692 pounds and uses a blade measuring 24 feet in width for building and maintaining haul roads for the largest mining trucks.

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