September 28, 2010

Caterpillar/E-Ject Systems' 7460 Ejector TrailerE-Ject Systems, a Caterpillar company, designed the 7460 Ejector Trailer to put 60 tons (46.9 cubic yards) of payload behind a Cat 740 articulated dump truck at lower ground pressure than the 42-ton-capacity truck would assert in its conventional configuration. Cat says the bed can be removed from a 740 ADT and fifth-wheel-style trailer hitch installed with 20 to 24 hours of labor. Distributing the load over five axles improves flotation, and the bottom-dump wagon's walking-beam suspension allows the trailer tires to oscillate and dampen load bouncing. The top-loaded 7460 Ejector Trailer is matched to Cat’s 980H wheel loader (318 horsepower) and 385C L crawler excavator (95 tons). It handles various materials, including rocks up to 24 inches. Scraper-style ejection unloads the trailer on the go. Cat says the trailer is most effective in extended haul distances with grades of 8 percent or less.