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The 314D CR and longer-undercarriage 314D LCR excavators pack new engines, cabs and intermediate-length sticks into established compact-radius configurations.

May 01, 2009

Caterpillar 314D CR, 314D LCR Crawler ExcavatorsThe Caterpillar 314D CR and longer-undercarriage 314D LCR crawler excavators each pack a new engine, more hydraulic power, expanded work-tool capabilities, a new operator's station and a new intermediate-length stick into the established compact-radius configuration. The design of the 14-metric-ton excavator limits tail swing over the side to 7 inches when using 24-inch shoes and standard counterweight. An optional 1,170-pound additional counterweight, while enhancing digging and lifting performance, adds only 2 more inches to tail swing. The Cat C4.2 ACERT engine is rated at 90 horsepower. The new stick, at 9 feet 2 inches, complements the established options of 8 feet 2 inches and 9 feet 10 inches respectively.


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