September 28, 2010

Caterpillar G130B Contractor's GrappleDesigned to attach to any models in Caterpillar's medium range of C- and D-Series hydraulic excavators working in demolition and material-handing applications, the G130B Contractor's Grapple uses a two-over-three-tine configuration. As the three long tines on the slightly-curved lower jaw sink into scrap piles, the two long tines on the interlocking upper jaw exert the hydraulic power to retain material on the working surfaces. The Cat G130B grapple has a jaw opening of 127 inches and capacity of 5.5 cubic yards. The pin-hub jaw hinge, which also serves as the attachment point to the carrier, features a modular design that keeps the jaws connected even with the mounting pin removed. This simplifies attachment installation and removal.