Caterpillar 120M2, 12M2 Motor Graders

November 17, 2011
Caterpillar 120M2, 12M2 Motor Graders

Cat 120M2 and 12M2 motor graders have been upgraded with Tier 4-I engines, the C7.1 ACERT and C9.3 ACERT, respectively. Variable horsepower plus (VHP Plus) is standard and delivers additional horsepower in each forward gear 5th through 8th. Model 12M2 enhancements include a longer wheelbase, a larger engine, and the addition of an all-wheel drive model. Cat 12M2 has 223 horsepower; all-wheel drive version has 243 horsepower. The Cat 120M2 has 189 horsepower; and its all-wheel drive counterpart, 209 horsepower. All M Series 2 graders feature the new Cat Grade Control Cross Slope system, which can be factory-installed and calibrated as an option.


  ACERT Engine Max. Net HP Operating Weight (lb.) Standard Blade Width (ft)
120M2 Cat C7.1 189 39,892 12
120M2 AWD Cat C7.1 209 41,859 12
12M2 Cat C9.3 223 42,383 12
12M2 AWD Cat C9.3 243 44,349 12