by Katie Weiler, Managing Editor | September 28, 2010

Caterpillar M-Series motor graderSeven new M-Series motor graders will replace the previous 10 H-Series machines. All in all, Caterpillar says there is about 30 percent new content in the M Series graders, including some “industry exclusives.” New models include the 120M, 12M, 140M, 160M, 14M, 16M and 24M —— all of which will be operated with joysticks. The M-Series joystick-operated electro-hydraulic control system simplifies motor-grader functions and is claimed to reduce operator arm and hand movements by up to 78 percent. According to Caterpillar, “the system helps operators sustain high levels of efficiency throughout the workday, and the intuitive control design makes training fast and simple —— for both new and experienced operators.” Operating weights range from 29,000 pounds on the 120M to 145,000 pounds on the 24M. Blade lengths vary from 12 to 24 feet. The 120M, 140M and 160M will offer an all-wheel-drive option for improved traction in poor underfoot conditions. Production will start with the 14M in October 2006 and finish with the last model mid-year 2007.

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Cat 140M video