Cat Phones Team with NoteVault for Call-in Notes

February 24, 2016

If you are considering adding the new work-hardy Cat smartphones to your fleet, you'll like this offer.

NoteVault has partnered with Cat for their "Smart Tools for Smart People" campaign,  bringing mobile apps developed specifically for the construction industry. Their 'One Team. One Report' mobile app works like this:

First, talk to your phone and it writes your note for you. Voice-to-text technology developed specifically for construction conversation recognizes terms, acronyms and place names better than standard voice/text programs. No typing required.

Next, upload your information to your NoteVault account. Once there, other NoteVault users in the contractor's company can add comments, requests, directions, etc. Subcontractors can post to the contractor's account, too, for things such as labor, material and equipment information. The general contractor can read and respond to all entries from all users, while the subcontractor see only the sub's notes.

 Then, at the end of the day, NoteVault's 'One Team. One Report' creates a daily report with all of the notes sent that day for the GC. Subcontractors get their own daily reports that show just their company's notes for the day. Daily reports can be emailed or downloaded as a complete record of a project's activities for the day.

For more information about NoteVault's free four-month service on new Cat smartphones, click here.