Cat Offers Equipment Management Program

February 24, 2014

Caterpillar has introduced Cat Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions): a portfolio of tiered service offerings to help manage equipment assets. Customers can perform the maintenance tasks themselves or choose to have a dealer handle the details.

The program is supported by Product Link technology, which collects data from the fleet and presents summary data to data managers via VisionLink. The system uses factors such as equipment location, fuel burn and utilization to help managers make informed maintenance decisions.

EMSolutions consists of five levels, ranging from basic connectivity to machine electronic control modules through dealer-delivered condition monitoring services, to complete management of the fleet.

The five service levels are:

  •  Level 1: The “Access” suite of technologies delivers equipment location and operating status to the equipment manager’s computer or handheld device in real time. The local dealer can provide training to help managers interpret equipment data.
  •  Level 2: “Inform” includes fleet summary reports from the dealer to show managers equipment health and utilization trends compared to similar fleets in the region.
  •  Level 3: “Advise” includes a Condition Monitoring Advisor looking after the fleet and providing recommendations so managers can make informed decisions about maintaining and using machines.
  •  Level 4: “Support” offers preventive maintenance services from the dealer to help lower operating costs and increase machine availability.
  •  Level 5: “Manage” allows site and fleet managers focus to on their business while the dealer maintains fleet performance, availability and lifecycle planning