Cat Machine Security Stops NC Thieves

Staff | September 28, 2010

Caterpillar Pocket Tec programs access codes into MSS keys. Machines with MSS won't start unless the chip in the key carries the right code.

When Alex Barnard, equipment manager for a North Carolina-based contractor, lost five machines in three years to theft, he knew something had to change. Prevention wasn't working, and the insurance carrier had taken notice.

Barnard's Caterpillar dealer recommended the Cat Machine Security System (MSS) and Barnard gave it a try on two multi terrain loaders.

Soon after, the MSS proved itself. Over a weekend another piece of equipment was stolen, and even though thieves had attempted it, the two compact track loaders with MSS were still on the job.

"There's no question as to the value of MSS and the money it saves," said Barnard. "There area lot of companies out there that have lost thousands of dollars. They should consider this system."