Cat Cuts 988H Fuel Use 15 Percent

Staff | September 28, 2010
A retrofittable Fuel Management System can reduce the 475-horsepower 988H's consumption while producing "within a few percent of maximum."

Cat says its new 988H Wheel Loader Fuel Management System in balanced mode delivers fuel savings of as much as 15 percent in truck loading (more in load-and-carry operations) — while keeping production "within a few percent of maximum." By lowering engine speed during all but the digging portion of each cycle, the system minimizes impact on productivity while gaining significant fuel savings. The system is available on new 988H loaders and can be retrofitted to 988H loaders already in the field.

Three operating modes — full power, balanced, and max fuel savings — allow the operator to quickly adjust to changing production demands with a switch in the cab. Max-fuel-savings mode lowers engine speed more during all segments of a cycle except digging, bringing greater fuel savings but with a more substantial drop in productivity.

Cat's own study in a quarry suggested that a 988H burns 17.7 gallons per hour in full-power mode, but consumption dropped to 13.8 gallons per hour in balanced mode.