Case Offers Mastless Grade Control on Select Dozers

July 20, 2017
Case and Leica Geosystems will provide grade control to M Series dozers.

Case and Leica Geosystems have teamed up to provide grade control to select M Series dozers (1150M, 1650M, and 2050M). The system, SiteControl CoPilot, “bridges the gap between automatic and indicate-only system,” Case said in a press release.

The system uses an inertial measurement unit (commonly known as an IMU), wiring harness, and in-cab display. The system is available factory-installed or retrofit.

Operators can set slope and grade references, and the system automatically holds them without the need for lasers, masts, or GPS. Once the specifications are set, the system automatically adjusts blade position. An integrated in-cab display provides real-time data to the operator.

The system can be integrated into existing 2D and 3D machine control systems, and is compatible with existing Leica displays.

Source: Case Construction Equipment