Carothers Building Tyndall AFB Fitness Center

September 28, 2010

Carothers Construction, Inc., Water Valley, MS, was awarded a $16,624,950 contract for the construction of a new Fitness Center at Tyndall AFB, FL. The project is a two-story structural steel recreation complex with approximately 61,000 square feet. The projected construction schedule is 16 months. The building is structural steel with split face masonry walls with ground face accent courses. Adding to the architectural interest are curved features, such as the metal roof and awning at the entrance. This facility has been selected as an Air Force Energy Demonstration project and will obtain a USGBC LEED Gold Certification. Additionally the project has solar electrical generation and hot water capabilities, which were required to achieve the LEED Gold Rating. This project is being administered by the Mobile District Corps of Engineers.