CARB Verifies Cleaire Lonestar and Phoenix Filters

By Larry Stewart | September 28, 2010

The California Air Resources Board verified Cleaire's Lonestar and Phoenix diesel particulate filters for use with 1996 through 2009 model year off-road diesel engines up to 12 liters displacement. CARB verified them as Level 3 + devices (reducing particulate matter 85 percent or more and meeting the 2009 nitrogen dioxide standard) in rubber-tire off-road equipment. Lone-star is a passive-regenerating diesel particulate filter for engines up to 350 horsepower. Phoenix is a diesel-burning active-regeneration filter for engines up to 370 horsepower in lighter duty cycles that don't run hot enough to support passive-regenerating filters. Both are typically installed in place of the muffler on heavy-duty, off-road diesel equipment.

The Level 3+ verification makes Lonestar and Phoenix eligible for government financial incentive programs and can be used to comply with regulations such as CARB's fleet rules and New York's Local Law 77.