CARB Rejects VW's Clean Diesel Fix

January 15, 2016

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) rejected Volkswagen AG's recall and fix-it plan for diesel-powered vehicles that used software to cheat emissions regulations, calling the proposed plan insufficient.

"Volkswagen made a decision to cheat on emissions tests and then tried to cover it up,” said Mary D. Nichols, the board's chair in a press release. “They continued and compounded the lie and when they were caught they tried to deny it. The result is thousands of tons of nitrogen oxide that have harmed the health of Californians. They need to make it right. Today's action is a step in the direction of assuring that will happen."

The rejection of VW’s submitted recall plans details the specific areas that are required under California law in order for a recall plan to be formally approved. VW’s recall plan fell short in several areas, including:

  • The proposed plans contain gaps and lack sufficient detail.
  • The descriptions of proposed repairs lack enough information for a technical evaluation; and
  • The proposals do not adequately address overall impacts on vehicle performance, emissions and safety

The state did not assess any immediate penalties, but it issued a new notice that VW had violated California air quality regulations. This rejection only applies to VW’s diesel 2.0L vehicles, not 3.0L vehicles. VW officials have expressed optimism they will soon win approval of a plan to fix the vehicles. They face a separate Feb. 2 deadline to submit a plan to fix 80,000 larger Porsche, Audi and VW 3.0 liter vehicles.

Source: CARB