CARB to Extend Retrofit Double Credit?

September 28, 2010

California's Air Resources Board wrote the in-use off-road diesel regulation with an incentive to clean up engines early — order retrofit devices by Nov.1, 2008, or install them by March 1, 2009, and the retro-fit earns double credit toward fleet com-pliance.

On Oct. 29, CARB sent the following note to its diesel-related e-mail listserv (join at to explain a proposed extension of the deadline for double retrofit credit.

“We would like to inform fleets that [CARB] staff plans to propose a regulation change that would extend the double credit deadlines past these dates [Nov. 1 for ordering diesel retrofit devices, and March 1, 2009 for installing them]. However, the specific dates to which these deadlines would be delayed have not yet been determined. Staff is currently developing the proposal and plans to release a public notice and staff report regarding the proposal in late November. The Board will consider the proposal at its Jan. 22 and 23, 2009, meeting. The decision as to whether to adopt the proposal rests with the Board, so fleets that wish to guarantee double credit should meet the deadlines currently in the regulation.”

For now, you can still get double credittoward compliance with CARB's in-use off-road diesel regulation for diesel retrofits bought and installed before March 1, 2009.