Canada to Use Drones to Catch HOV Tricksters

November 21, 2017

The Sky Guys, a Canadian UAV service developer and provider, has landed a $750,000 project to work with NVIDIA, IBM and University of Toronto on an an artificial intelligence-enabled drone solution to monitor Ontario’s 400-series highways in response to the Vehicle Occupancy Detection Problem Statement.

The project, called “Long-Range AI-Enabled Unmanned Aerial System for Highway Traffic Enforcement with Future Road Applications,” will be overseen by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Jeremy Wang, the company's chief technology officer, discusses how the drones will work:

“This is very exciting for us,” said Adam Sax, President and CEO of The Sky Guys. “Ontario is the hub of innovation in Canada, so we are very honoured to be selected for this amazing project.” The project will see The Sky Guys work with the ministry to test AI-equipped drones for highway enforcement and management, beginning with High-Occupancy Vehicle/High-Occupancy Toll (HOV/HOT) lanes.

“We have understood the disruptive capabilities of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles since launching The Sky Guys, and have helped countless clients reap the benefits,” said Sax. “To see government expressing interest in how our technology can help build smarter cities in Ontario is thrilling, and we are beyond excited to develop the best methods to assist in the monitoring of highway traffic laws in the province.”