Canada Commits $15M to High-Speed Rail Study

May 23, 2017

Canada has earmarked $15 million to do a comprehensive environmental assessment for a rail line on new and existing track for high-speed trains running between Toronto and Windsor.

Ontario's Premier, Kathleen Wynne, announced last week a new governing body to oversee the design and construction of the line. The rail route would stretch west from Toronto and include stops at Union Station, Pearson International Airport, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph London, Chatham and Windsor, with the first phase between Toronto and London operating by 2025. The first phase is estimated to cost between $4 billion to $12 billion, and take about four years to complete. Hopes are the second phase of new rail construction would be ready in 2031. Wynne said up to 10 million passengers a year could be using the line by 2041.

High-speed rail lines make use of electric traction to power the cars and support functions. The preliminary business case report published in November 2016 offers two options, one using existing rail for speeds up to 155 mph, and another option using newly built rail for speeds up to 186 mph.

Funding may come from the newly formed Canada Infrastructure Bank and could also find support from private commercial investors. Read the full proposal here: