Camano Island Overlay

Story by Carl Molesworth | September 28, 2010

The Everett, Wash., office of Rinker Materials took advantage of good summertime weather to complete hot mix asphalt overlays on various sections of roadway on Camano Island, Wash., in August.

The 39.8-square-mile island, located about 40 miles north of Seattle and connected to the mainland by a bridge, has become popular among commuters and retirees who appreciate its blend of rural living, maritime views and ready access to the city.

Housing projects have blossomed in recent years, adding pressure on the narrow roads that criss-cross the island. Morning and evening are busy traffic times, as Camano Island's population drops nearly 35 percent (4,653 people) during the daytime due to commuting.

Rinker was awarded the $1-million 2007 Hot Mix Overlays project in June by Island County, Wash. Among the roads specified in the bidding document were Bambi Drive, Cleven Park Road, East Camano Drive, Elger Park Road, Evergreen Park Road, Firwood Lane, Harden Loop, Harold Place, Hartman Place, Parker Road, Road 76160, Roberts Way, Robin Lane, and Wagner Road (north).

Two crews operated at different points on the island to expedite the work. Traffic control was a major issue because of the narrow roadways, the relatively heavy traffic and the terrain of the island, which made for short sightlines and long detour routes.

When PB&E visited the overlay project in mid-August, one crew was working on Camano Hill Road, which was closed for paving, and the second crew was working on West Camano Drive with a Blaw-Knox PF5510 paver and two rollers, and Ingersoll Rand DD110 and a Caterpillar CB634 rubber-tire compactor.