Buy Your Next Chrysler From Your Couch

November 18, 2016

Reuters reports Amazon and Fiat Chrysler have announced they are teaming up to sell cars online.

"The time has arrived to give consumers a new, more efficient and transparent way to choose a new vehicle," Gianluca Italia, responsible for Fiat Chrysler in Italy, said during an online press conference.

Italia said company research in Italy showed buyers were willing to buy vehicles online but the vast majority preferred to pick up the car at a traditional dealership.

The car purchasing concept will be available in Italy first and limited to three Fiat models - the Panda, the 500 and the 500L.  Buyers will be able to shop for their car online, after which Amazon will contact them to coordinate the dealership the buyer will finalize their purchase and pick up their new car. From click to pickup should take about two weeks.

Fiat Chrysler and Amazon said online-only discounts will be available.