Builders Mutual Establishes Job-Site Safety Institute

May 5, 2017

Builders Mutual, an insurance firm for the construction industry in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, has established the Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting safety research for residential and commercial job-sites to produce studies that improve safety and protect lives.

Grants from JSI will help conduct research to produce studies that guide safety practices, set new safety standards, and influence worker behavior on job-sites.

Results from these studies will help reduce job-site injuries and job-site fatalities. Study results will be shared through a variety of media, including published studies, training videos, and online resources. JSI will make practical industry recommendations based on these studies as well.

“As experts in construction, we have an opportunity, if not an obligation, to support and guide efforts of specialized industry research and education to promote safety while at work,” said Mike Gerber, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Builders Mutual. “We are announcing the establishment of JSI tied to National Safety Month in June to show our commitment to keeping workers safe.”

JSI wants to create strong national partnerships with educational institutions, industry regulators, safety-focused organizations, and building associations across the United States. Current JSI partnerships include the National Association of Home Builders, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, East Carolina University’s Department of Risk Management, the North Carolina Department of Labor, and the North Carolina Home Builders Association.

“With our decades of experience in homebuilding and construction, Builders Mutual recognizes the significance of and need for JSI, and we are dedicated to its mission of eliminating or reducing all job-site related injuries and deaths through promoting its research and related activities,” said Bill Schaffner, director of risk management at Builders Mutual.