Bridgestone Unveils Fuel-efficient, Eco-friendly Tire

April 2, 2012

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions now offers five new tires in the Bridgestone Ecopia line for steer, drive, and trailer positions; and four new tread designs in the Bandag FuelTech line that complement the drive and trailer Ecopia line up.

The advanced compounding for lower rolling resistance; the innovative tread designs for long, even wear; and the additional technology benefits from the Ecopia tire and casing  solution provide savings in fuel costs and total tire wear cost when retreading an Ecopia casing with Bandag FuelTech, according to Bridgestone.

“We’ve created a total solution for our customers that didn’t shortchange fuel economy for tread wear or durability,” said Scott Damon, Vice President, Marketing for Bridgestone Commercial Solutions. “To do that, we added smarter designs and new technology in our Ecopia products, and implemented technologies that extend the life of an Ecopia casing for our Bandag FuelTech products. These changes mean greater fuel savings for our customers that can contribute to a lower cost of ownership over the life of the tires.”

Tire technologies and benefits:

  • Within the tire tread, Bridgestone’s patented NanoPro-Tech polymer technology, available in all new Ecopia tires, helps control particle movement, which reduces energy loss. That translates into improved fuel economy through lower rolling resistance.
  • Proprietary Fuel Saver Sidewall compound reduces heat generation, which lowers rolling resistance and improves fuel economy.
  • New IntelliShape sidewall, found in the M710 Ecopia drive radial and R197 Ecopia trailer tire, contain less bead filler volume, which lowers tire weight, improving fuel economy and conserving natural resources.
  • A new Defense Side Groove feature has been incorporated into the R283 Ecopia steer tire, which creates uniform pressure along the footprint at the shoulder and helps extend tread life.
  • A High Rigidity Tread Pattern was added to all Ecopia and FuelTech designs to extend wear.
  • The patented Waved Belt design in the Greatec Ecopia tires improves durability, contributing to a more retreadable casing, especially when paired with a Bandag FuelTech product. The use of patented Turn-In-Ply technology enhances durability and retreadability over the life of the casing.
  • These features found in Ecopia casings carry through to the retreading side, extending these fuel efficiency benefits while extending the life of the tire.

All FuelTech tread patterns complement the new drive and trailer Ecopia tires; B710 FuelTech drive and B197 FuelTech trailer retreads. For users of wide base singles, there are Bandag B835 FuelTech and B135 FuelTech retreads (based on the new Bridgestone Greatec M835 Ecopia drive and Greatec R135 Ecopia trailer radials).

User can compute their potential savings with this tire solution using an online calculator. By entering a few details such as purchase price and removal mileage, users can quickly calculate projected savings over the life of their tires: from estimated fuel and tire wear savings to their estimated reduction in CO2 emissions.