Bomag MPH122-2 Recycler/Stabilizer

Staff | September 28, 2010

Fitted with a 482-horsepower, Tier 3 Deutz V6 diesel engine, the Bomag MPH122-2 asphalt recycler/soil stabilizer uses Bomag's proven hydrostatic rotor-drive system, designed, says the company, to optimize fuel efficiency and minimize maintenance. The operator can vary rotor speed from 100 to 170 rpm while the machine is under load, allowing the MPH122-2 to adapt on the fly to specific job conditions. Rotor options include a stabilizer rotor (91.7 inches wide) that uses paddle-type teeth and cuts to depths of 19.7 inches, plus two universal-type rotors, both 99.6 inches wide and capable of cutting to depths of 16.5 inches. One of the universal rotors features bolt-on tooth holders, which allow no-weld replacement at the jobsite. Estimated list price: $450,000.